Domestic Distribution in Today's Rapidly Evolving Market

Michael Murphy
Senior vice President
Gravitas Ventures

Lejo Pet
Manager of Acquisions
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Bryan Duran
Legal Counsel

John ''JC'' Chang
Magic Rock Entertainment

In this panel, four panelists representing a diverse cross-section of studio, independent, cable and Internet distributors come together to discuss the ever evolving and important world of content distribution with a focus on independent film. Bryan Duran of STARZ speaks about how his network is evolving with the times. Lejo Pet will offer his insights into acquiring and then leveraging quality indie movies. Michael Murphy will reveal the world of VOD (video on demand), and John Chang will reveal how the Internet has disrupted the whole infrastructure.

This dynamic panel will also discuss the studio perspective on domestic distribution versus the independent perspective as well as the way networks are beginning to evolve to compete in the world of online distribution.


August 14, 2010
3:00 pm